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Project Engineer – Water Systems

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Monday 1st November 2021

Overview of role:



Our client is a large provider of Water Systems.  Their clients are in the Pharmaceutical; Biotech / Life Science; Healthcare; Food & Beverage and Micro-Electronics Sectors.

Job Function

  • To project-manage all projects assigned from implementation through to handover
  • To generate technical drawings
  • To generate documentation
  • To house all in-coming and in-house drawings
  • To improve profitability
  • To generate proposals and tenders

Key Responsibilities

Proposal & Project Stage

Discuss the enquiry with the Engineering manager, or appointed delegate, or Client in order to determine key criteria such as final water quality specification; preferred purification technologies; scope of supply; project budget and timeframe.

Prepare and submit Design and Commercial Proposals to clients and follow-up as necessary to secure a Purchase Order.

Obtain the project of acceptance in writing from the client and acknowledge receipt of the order.

Attend “hand-over” meetings from Sales to projects to identify and understand the conditions of project and ensure that the Purchase Order reflects the scope of the work.

Conduct Design Reviews to check that the sales design complies with the project requirements, procurement budgets and installation method statements before it is adopted.  Check through the water analysis, the mechanical / hydraulic and electrical engineering design requirements of the proposed system.

Establish an accurate personnel administration and record system and maintain these in compliance with QA procedures.

Produce a project programme, schedule and other administrative documents for each project and issue these to the relevant people, ensuring that the project programme is on schedule at all times and the conditions of project adhered to.

Monitor progress, prepare progress reports and attend weekly progress meetings.

Ensure that all potential variations are identified, quantified and agreed with the clients’ agents in accordance with the project procedure.

Obtain appropriate assistance and input from other people / departments in a timely manner so as to meet the project requirements.

Advise the engineering manager, or appointed delegate, of the technical standards and specifications of the project and include these with the procurement documents.

Prepare a “hand-over” pack for the Service Department and schedule system commissioning.

Project-manage all projects assigned until hand-over to the client.

Carry-out a post project meeting with the Engineering Manager, or appointed delegate, and other departments with a view to improving project performance.

Proposal & Project Stage

Prepare and ensure completion and “sign-off” of Proposal Design Sheets and Cost Sheets.

Review the cost sheet and necessary resources for successful completion of the project.

Prepare a Cost Sheet for each project with prior agreement from the Finance Director and Managing Director, or appointed delegate.

Agree the Cost Sheet and progress valuations with the client and liaise with the Finance Director to ensure that payment is being made by the client in accordance with the schedule.

Procure cost-effective equipment in compliance with the agreed project programme, terms and conditions and client specification and ensure that goods and services are available on time.

Monitor the project for Scope, Time and Budget variations and generate a Variations Engineering Cost Sheet for approval and signature by the client before work commences.

Prepare cost spreadsheets to determine the project value and margin.  Monitor, maintain and improve the project margin where possible without compromising technical quality or standards.

Submit project Management Reports monthly to the Engineering Manager, or appointed delegate,  indicating margin position.

Customer Liaison

Represent the Company on all matters relating to the project and control all related correspondence and documentation.

Carry out all client communications politely, professionally and courteously, promoting good relations and efficiency and delivering a professional approach at all times.

Plan all site operations with the relevant organisations briefed in the technical, safety and timescale requirements of the project.

Attend site meetings with the Client, Engineering Consultant and Sub-contractor when required and issue the relevant follow-up minutes.

Ensure that standard and special systems Operating Handbooks are issued to the client in accordance with the project timeframe and, where appropriate in larger systems, ensure that clients receive a thorough operating training.

Health & Safety

Be aware and familiar with the risks associated with particular industries before visiting a site and request from the client details of known health and safety hazards and follow any instructions given, acting in a responsible and aware manner, avoiding undue risks.

Comply with all health and safety requirements when dealing with suppliers and sub-contractors.


Suitable candidate must have a minimum of 4 to 5 years’ experience in a similar role coming from a Mechanical or Electrical background

The Jobholder undertakes to work efficiently and effectively and to take full ownership and accountability for the execution and delivery of the key responsibilities and tasks defined in this role and to seek direction and approval from the Engineering Manager, or appointed delegate, where required.

Full responsibility for a project is undertaken once it is assigned by the Engineering Manager, or appointed delegate.

Sufficient documentary records are collated to confirm that procedures have been satisfied and to ensure that the Company’s position is protected should a dispute arise.

Package on offer

Salary ranging at €55K depending on experience + Bonus + Life Assurance + Pension + Flexi Time

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